Shaping our world

Life at Lahmeyer, at work at a construction site reading plans
Shape the world together with us!

Our most important resource for the creation of project solutions is our workforce. Their knowledge of current and further developments in technology, many years of specialist experience, enthusiasm and commitment to their clients ensure our good reputation – in many countries throughout the world.

Since December 2014, Lahmeyer belongs to Tractebel and thus is part of ENGIE.
Over the last 4 years, we have grown together within the group and have reorganized ourselves for our customers’ future challenges.
The renaming of Lahmeyer International to Tractebel Engineering GmbH at the end of January 2019 is now the visible expression of our membership in the Tractebel Group.

Today we are ONE company and ONE team under the TRACTEBEL brand – with combined strengths and common goals.

At Tractebel we are around 5,000 men and women in 35 subsidiaries wordlwide. Through our many years of professional international experience we have become familiar with different cultures and practices, as well as gaining expertise in specialist fields. Our passion is for life and work at Tractebel.

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Project Management in the Covid-19 Era

Do you remember good times, when the present and future were much clearer? Project management was well defined and divided into stages: Figure 1 – Project Management phases Based on the above we could plan our time – working at the office, meetings on remote travels, meetings in client’s office, site assignments, etc. Everything focused …

Virtual Teamwork – Wie funktioniert internationale Projektarbeit in Pandemiezeiten?

Ende Juni 2020, mitten in der abnehmenden ersten Pandemiewelle, erhielten wir den Auftrag für eine Studie: Einführung von Smart Grid Technologien im Übertragungsnetz der Mongolei und eine zugehörige Netzstabilitätsanalyse. Eine sehr interessante Aufgabe, die wir sogleich mit einem Team internationaler Experten angingen. Corona bedingt stellte sich uns jetzt eine ganz neue Frage: Wie bearbeiten wir …