Engineer on top of wind turbine
Engineering a carbon neutral futureWir schaffen eine CO2-neutrale Zukunft

Tractebel officially reaccredited to determine wind energy potential

Anyone investing in a wind power project wants assurance that it will pay off. Our experts are officially approved to forecast wind potential and energy yield at sites across the globe. Tractebel has been officially authorized to assess the potential of wind power sites according to international standards on a global scale. Prior to designating …

Power-to-X: Will Kenya switch to 100% green energy?

New prospects for Africa with innovative hydrogen technology: Can Kenya lead the region to a sustainable future with hydrogen and ammonia? Our experts are developing a Power-to-X action plan. Commissioned by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), our energy experts are once again actively involved in Africa’s green future: They are developing an action …