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Energy is essential for development, and sustainable energy is essential for sustainable development. – Tim Wirth

Our competences cover the broad range of expertise required to develop, design and manage the construction of any renewable energy project, with particular focus on solar power (CSP, PV & CPV), wind power (on & off shore) and hybrid systems. Our services include renewable sources estimates, thermal cycle modelling and optimisation, electrical design and grid connection, geophysical surveys, civil works and environmental impact assessments.

Wind-Solar Hybrid

Using a wind farm without wind

What happens to wind farm infrastructure when there is no wind? Virtually all wind farms are designed for nominal power: The wind turbine (WTG) transformer, cabling, roads and substation (BoP) are all designed for a wind speed of 12 m/s.  However, especially in low wind regions, this might only occur for a few hours of …