22nd DGGT Engineering Geology Conference – digital

March 17, 2021

Our experts present the planning of rock support measures for the Forbach hydropower cavern.

The German Society for Geotechnical Engineering e.V. (DGGT) is organizing a digital lecture series as an alternative to the Geotechnical Engineering 2021 technical section days, starting with the Engineering Geology conference on March 17.

In the session Tunneling & Caverns, our experts Karsten Thermann and Ersan Yildiz, together with Ingo Kamuf from EnBW, will present their work for the rock support of the hydropower cavern Forbach at 11:15 am.

The Forbach engineering consortium has been entrusted with the project since 2012: EnBW, as operator and owner, is renewing two existing hydropower plants that are around 100 years old. Further information on the project.